“In nature, light creates color.  In the picture, color creates the light.”  Hans Hofmann





James Dunn Consulting is a professional design service that creates and develops concepts, prototypes and products for the industrial designer, engineer, scientist and technologist.  Emphasis is placed on rapid prototyping to establish and validate conceptual designs early in the product development cycle.


A product designer with 20 years of experience in consumer product design, aerospace and space technology, medical device design, semiconductor manufacturing equipment design, electronics and photonics packaging.  Works with corporations, start-ups, product design firms, universities and government agencies to define and lead research and development efforts for new products and technologies.  Specifically work to conceive, design, build and test prototypes to prove concepts and guide designs for manufacture.


A hands-on approach is implemented to ensure that the quality of products-and-services is maintained throughout the design process.


Focus is to maintain a practical approach to design and provide the knowledge and application of technical processes and requirements for the manufacture of my client’s product needs.  Concepts and specifications are collected through extensive interactions with my clients and implemented with the utmost care for functionality, manufacturability, cost savings and return on investment.


Design software tools are state of the art and comply with those needs for rapid prototyping, product development and manufacture.





  • Product design and packaging design (aerospace; consumer, commercial and industrial electronics; medical devices)
  • Project management (ERP, PLM, PDM, BOM, ECO and cost/budget planning)
  • Rapid prototyping (SLA, SLS, cast urethane, laser engraving, FDM 3D printing)
  • Injection molded plastics and sheet metal design
  • Additional manufacturing processes (casting, forming, punching, extrusion, plating, bonding, flex circuits/PCB)
  • Structural and thermal finite element analysis
  • Static and dynamic testing and analysis (tensile, vibe and shock)
  • Aerospace and space technology
  • Mechanism design
  • Optomechanical design
  • Ultra high-vacuum system design
  • Industrial process control and automation
  • GDT, UL, and CE compliancy
  • 30+ years of machining and fabrication experience





  • Pro/ENGINEER Solid and Surface Modeler
  • Pro/MECHANICA Advanced Thermal and Structural FEA (Large deflection and non-linear solver)
  • SolidWorks Professional
  • National Instruments LabVIEW
  • MS Visual Studio
  • MS Visio Professional




  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • MS Project




  • Applied Materials, Inc.
  • Coherent, Inc.
  • Complete Genomics, Inc.
  • Fakespace, Inc.
  • Function Engineering, Inc.
  • D2M, Inc.
  • Gizmonics, Inc.
  • Iridigm Display Corporation
  • Luidia, Inc.
  • Rae Systems, Inc.
  • Redwood Microsystems, Inc.
  • Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Synaptics
  • Ubicom


 Please feel free to browse my resume.

For more information please contact:


James C. Dunn

P.O. Box 590813

San Francisco, CA  94159

(415) 441-3700 main

(650) 793-0481 mobile